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Hot Stepbrothers 2


These brothers are as close as can be!

Like most guys Rick Palmer usually gets super horny when he’s been working out, but it seems his step-brother Beno Eker didn’t know about this little fact when he finally agreed to come and lift some weights with him. He’s definitely not complaining when his bro decides to show him how boys finish their workout and deal with their gym dicks.

A lot of guys who act straight have a secret interest in hard cock, and it turns out skater bro Alan Davis is one of them. His horny step-brother Jacob Dolce has decided to have a little snoop around Alan’s room for this Jawked video but while the boy was mostly thinking about finding some sweaty boxers to sniff he soon finds the guy’s secret gay porn stash. With his stiff young cock already hard it doesn’t take much to have the boy looking through the pages with his dick in his hand, which is the perfect time for his brother to catch him in the act.

Young Robbie Dane is training in the family pool when his older – and hairier – step-brother Donnie Marco arrives to interrupt. It’s not the first time Donnie has stopped by to watch his bro train but there’s clearly something different this time, his cock is swelling in his shorts and it seems he’s looking for some manly company.

Inked twink Maksim Orlov’s gaydar goes off every time he meets up with his step-brother Kieran Karlsson, and it’s not just because the cute younger guy is so hot and sexy. He’s long had the idea that the boy is into cock but until now it was just a theory. Their dreams finally come true as t-shirts come off and cock are revealed from their pants, their stiff young erections wet with precum and their mouths salivating as they swap their tasty penises.

Ryan Cage is a big hunk of a man and it’s no wonder young Ben Kingston gets a little turned on when his step-dad comes into the bedroom to find him snooping and decides a spanking is in order. Being butt slapped by this huge guy is probably enough to have any twink wanting a little more, and you can bet young Ben gets it when that hard uncut muscle cock is revealed.

Download Hot Stepbrothers 2 [1080p] via 5.46 GB

Download Hot Stepbrothers 2 [1080p] via 5.46 GB

Download Hot Stepbrothers 2 [1080p] via 5.46 GB

Download Hot Stepbrothers 2 [1080p] (nzb) via 817.29 KB

Date: August 20, 2023

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